CRA’s stream demonstration trailer was welcomed in Wyoming last summer. Carl Zimmerman sent the trailer northward for events; he recently received the the following letter from Mark Fowden of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
I apologize for my tardiness in relaying our gratitude for the loan of the stream trailer. The trailer was a great hit making the Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo more successful because of the generosity you extended.
As you know, the trailer is a tremendous educational tool, one that captures the imagination of all ages, but especially the youth. Their intuition was very insightful and provided a great opportunity for interaction. Adults seemed more content to sit back and be taught(?). Anyhow, it received rave reviews from virtually everyone.
The three of us that manned the demonstration for three days had great fun; time flew-by quickly. We all plan to do it again next year. As you may know, the Game and Fish Department is funding the manufacture of our first system in time for the winter semester. And the enthusiastice response by educators and natural resource people attending the Expo has prompted us to follow the course set by Colorado. That is, we are enlisting financial support to build a fleet of stream trailers, in time for the Expo 1999.
I hope everything was in satisfactory condition when returned. I would expect to hear if otherwise. Again, thank you.
Mark Fowden
Section Manager, Aquatic Habitat Section, Wyoming Game & Fish Department

Colorado Riparian Association