Dear Colorado Riparian Association and Gwen Kittel:
There is a new issue on a local river near where I live and I’m trying to find out if it has made it onto anyone else’s issue list.
Kayakers are clearing out the fallen logs and other debris from headwater streams in order to make them more kayakable. This has recently occurred (last spring was the 1st year we are aware of) on the North Fork of Middle Boulder Creek, Boulder County (northwest of Eldora). As more extreme participants take part in the sport, my guess is this is occurring in other locations.
I recognize this may not be your issue, since this deals more with stream ecology rather than adjacent riparian areas. But some simple research says that fallen logs are important ecological assets to headwater streams for fish habitat, sorting river bottom sediment and debris (needed by other organisms), even increasing genetic connectivity of small mammals. I don’t fish, so this is not my interest; just trying to retain all ecological functions and processes.
If you know of anyone, or any organization, who is also dealing with this, or may be able to help, would appreciate a reply.
Thank you.
Dave Hallock
2478 Eldora Road
Nederland, CO 80466

Colorado Riparian Association