Wildlife Habitat Development Money Available

The Colorado River Basin States Salinity Control Program has recently provided money to be used to develop and improve certain kinds of wildlife habitat. The program will reimburse clients up to 75% of the cost to install habitat development practices on private, state and local government lands to offset habitat loss from on-going salinity projects in Western Colorado. Habitat types to be targeted include stream-side cottonwood – willow – native shrub vegetation, tall grass and forb areas, and various types of wetlands. Priority will be given to proposed projects that are below 7500 feet in elevation and are in the Colorado, Gunnison, Uncomphagre, Dolores, San Miguel, Mancos and Disappointment River drainages. Proposals from other areas that address the targeted habitat types will also be considered. Applications for the grant money need to be received by May 1, 2004. For information on the program, contact your local, Soil Conservation District, or Natural Resources Conservation Service. Or, contact Carl Zimmerman with the State Soil Conservation Board at             970-243-5068       ext. 201.

Colorado Riparian Association