by Jay Thompson and Bill Goosmann

As your new green line editors prepare their second issue, their admiration for their predecessors continues to grow. Putting together the newsletter every three months requires time — and lots of help. Fortunately, we’ve had the help we needed so far, and we will continue to seek help from our members. Several individuals who responded to the recent CRA member survey indicated that they were interested in writing an article for an upcoming newsletter; we will be contacting those folks soon. If you have story ideas, articles, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us using the contact information in the “About the green line” box inside the back page. This issue of the green line introduces some new features that will become standard in future newsletters. We have added a section on Job Announcements and a Calendar of Events. Please submit future job announcements and items for the calendar of events to the editors. The goal is to publish newsletters on 3/1, 6/1, 9/1, and 12/1, so plan your submissions accordingly. This issue also features the first in a series of articles that will focus on organizations that share similar missions and goals with CRA. The first organization to be highlighted is the Colorado Watershed Network. We have also added information and an order form for publications that are available from CRA. We welcome your feedback on these new features. Articles in this issue include details on the restoration of the Blue River in Silverthorne and a discussion of when tamarisk found its way into the United States. Also included is a summary of the recent CRA membership survey. We continue to look forward to work with our fellow CRA members to produce newsletters that are informative, entertaining, and useful.

Colorado Riparian Association