Your technical know-how could be the critical element that makes an ecological restoration project a success. Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, a Boulder-based nonprofit organization, seeks input from natural resource managers, hydrologists, geologists, ecologists, trail specialists, heavy equipment operators and other restoration work specialists to plan projects that restore streams, wetlands, prairies, forests and open spaces on some of the most ecologically sensitive, scenic and popular public lands in the region. WRV is a rapidly growing organization that completed seventeen successful restoration projects in 2004, bringing together many hundreds of volunteers to contribute to the stewardship of lands along the northern Colorado Front Range. When you donate your time and expertise to become a technical advisor, you’ll be working with WRV to design and implement the best possible restoration techniques and to grow the capacity of volunteer restoration efforts. For more information about WRV’s work, visit their website at
To get involved, or to learn more, contact Kimberly Kosmenko at             303.543.1411       or The 2005 project unveiling and technical advisor training will take place on January 31, 2005. Thank you!

Contact information:
Kimberly Kosmenko
Program Coordinator
Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
980 McIntire Street
Boulder, CO 80303
Colorado Riparian Association