Longnose Dace

CDOW’s Pocket Guide to Native Fish of Colorado’s Eastern Plains is available for all landowners. The guide provides pointers to identify these species and their habitat. In addition, it includes information about different habitat incentive programs (state, federal and nonprofit) available to assist in fish habitat conservation and offers landowner contact information for technical assistance in surveying for species or restoring habitat on their lands. Two pages from the brochure are presented above.
The pocket guide is available at all DOW offices. Interested landowners with small natural streams or ponds on their property who wish to participate in fish surveys and/or conservation efforts are encouraged to call Ken Morgan, Private Lands Habitat Specialist at             303-291-7404       or one of the DOW Senior Aquatic Wildlife Managers: Greg Gerlich (South Platte-Arikaree-North Fork Republican) at             303-291-7368       or Doug Krieger (Arkansas-South Fork Republican) at            719-227-5202

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