There are three issues I’d like to address in this newsletter: 1) the conference, 2) membership, and 3) our financials. Right now we are diligently preparing for the conference. We are very excited to have joined forces with CWA, CeRSER, and CWN this year for our conference in Breckenridge. If the conference is successful, we will attempt to have a combined conference again. Whether you attend this year’s conference or not, we look forward to your comments. I anticipate sending a questionnaire to get your opinions.
The second and third issues go hand-in-hand. Our membership renewals have been lacking, and we have many expired memberships. Unfortunately, this is significantly affecting our financials. CRA depends upon memberships to maintain a positive cash flow. To determine if your membership is current, please look at the label on this newsletter. The date beneath your address indicates your expiration date. If you would like to renew, please fill out the membership renewal form included in this newsletter. If you do not renew, we will not be sending you any more correspondence, because CRA cannot afford to continue to distribute newsletters without active membership participation.
Along these lines, CRA may have to increase our membership dues to meet current financial needs. However, if we can get you to renew your membership, we will attempt to keep dues the same for next year. Please renew your membership and continue to support “the greenline”!
This will be my last President’s Message. I thoroughly enjoyed this year and all the great projects CRA undertook. Russ Anderson will be taking over as president at our next meeting in October. I owe Russ a great deal of thanks, because he stepped in while I was on maternity leave. Thanks, Russ!

Colorado Riparian Association