Corridor Ecology: The Science and Practice of Linking Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation (June, 2006, Island Press)
Jodi A. Hilty, William Z. Lidicker, Jr. and Adina M. Merenlender.

Naturalist and prolific author George B. Schaller of the Wildlife Conservation Society describes this publication as “a superb discussion of the concept, design and, management of corridor ecology, including such complex topics as population regulation, habitat restoration and the genetic consequences of ignoring the issue”. The book provides a comprehensive and objective review of the issues and time-tested guidelines for all those working to enhance, create, and maintain connectivity between natural habitats to protect and restore landscapes and species diversity. Published by Island Press, Washington, DC, the 328 page book may be ordered online at
Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder (April, 2005; Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill)
Richard Louv

This innovative book is a compelling read for anyone interested in the mergence of social and environmental issues. Richard Louv proffers numerous squeamishly relevant questions. If children do not establish connections with the natural world and the outdoors today, will such deficiencies engender in adulthood a complacent attitude towards nature? Who in the future will work, for example, to protect existing endangered species legislation, to support open space sales tax extensions, or to safeguard our National Parks? Louv discusses the environmental and social implications of children growing up disconnected from nature and then offers solutions for an alternative and hopeful future. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, NC is the publisher. The book may be purchased at

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