by Russ Anderson

As summer rolls in, CRA volunteers are looking forward to fall. CRA is in the midst of planning efforts with other like-minded organizations to host another joint conference. Although planning efforts are ongoing, this year’s conference shapes up to be a great follow-up to the highly successful 2006 conference. Look for topics on the theme of Sustaining Colorado’s Watersheds, this time making a water quality connection. CRA representatives are working hard to ensure we have the best possible conference and annual meeting, including field trips, workshops, and two tracks of great presentations. Again, this year’s conference is slated to occur in Summit County the first week in October Standby for more details that will be passed along as they develop. Many thanks to those of you who responded to the board’s efforts to bring membership renewals back up. We’ve had great response and are excited that so many of our members value CRA’s mission and commitment to riparian issues and that support the organization by renewing their memberships. Lastly I am excited that although a number of folks have had significant personal and professional changes over the past few months, the level of involvement continues to ensure CRA’s activities continue forward and serve our members. A big thank-you to all for making that happen.

Colorado Riparian Association