by Tom Browning, Colorado Water Conservation Board

CWCB Flood Protection Section Gets New Name: The CWCB Flood Protection Section is now the CWCB Watershed Protection and Flood Mitigation Section. This new name more closely aligns with the Sections expanded mission. Flood protection has been and will continue to be a vital element of the Section’s authority and responsibility statewide, but is now just one of several programmatic areas in the Section that have emerged in recent years. The Watershed and Flood Mitigation Section now includes an expanded array of functions, such as floodplain management and mapping, stream stabilization & enhancement, watershed restoration, flood hazard mitigation, planning for weather modifications, State coordination for the National Flood Insurance Program, community assistance, river corridor operation and maintenance, and water supply storage reallocation. The new name signifies the Section’s comprehensive approach to dealing with complex linkages between natural hazards, stream restoration, and related watershed issues with water supply challenges that Colorado currently faces. Please visit the CWCB website at for additional information regarding projects, programs and staff. You may also wish to access our searchable database containing thousands of water-related documents.
CWCB Hires New Stream Restoration Coordinator to Fill Vacant Position: The CWCB is pleased to announce that Christopher (Chris) Sturm has joined our team. Chris will serve as the Stream Restoration Coordinator within the Watershed Protection and Flood Mitigation Section. Chris brings a strong background in water resources planning, GIS, environmental science, and fluvial geomorphology to the Section. Chris earned his M.S. degree in Geography and a B.S. degree in Environmental Science, and worked for seven years as a Senior Water Resources Analyst with the City of Thornton. Chris will manage the Stream Restoration Program, administer the CWCB Watershed Protection Fund and the Fish & Wildlife Resources Fund, develop strategies to support water supply needs in Colorado, provide GIS mapping and analysis, conduct outreach and education activities, and provide general technical assistance to the public. You may contact Chris at or at            303-866-3989      .

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