by Kimberly Kosmenko

In 2007, WRV completed twenty-eight ecological restoration projects. Volunteers contributed an impressive 20,684 hours. Two highlights of the season were a special focus on removing invasive weeds and developing a proactive “Moniteer” program. Ten restoration projects focused on removing invasives, including: myrtle spurge, Mediterranean sage, tamarisk, houndstounge, dalmation toadflax and others. WRV removed invasives from a total of 559 acres, from Phantom Canyon along the Cache le Poudre River corridor to the Orient Land Trust in the San Luis Valley. The 2008 restoration season promises to offer additional exciting opportunities. WRV offers a special welcome to CRA members interested in volunteering as restoration crew members, technical advisors, project leaders or Moniteers. Visit us at to find out more about the 2007 restoration season and to get involved in 2008.

Colorado Riparian Association