by Carolyn Browning

Spring time in the Rocky Mountains is on the horizon! A sense of renewal will be here before we know it, and I want to take a quick moment to remind everyone to embrace this wonderful season and all that it has to offer. Despite the discouraging daily news of struggles and challenges, let’s try to focus on positive things and contribute to society in a passionate and caring fashion. The economic downturn is hard on everyone, and the entire world is feeling the repercussions. Although the current situation is less than ideal, there is a great sense of hope for the future. Human nature has an uncanny ability to adapt and overcome hardship, just like the rejuvenation of a riparian ecosystem following a major rainstorm event. The dark clouds will eventually clear, the sun will come out, the plants will bloom, and the green line will be green again!
Now that we’ve had a moment of inspiration, I’d like to express my gratitude for the dedicated longtime members as well as the new life blood of this organization. With our valued membership, CRA continues to focus on our mission to promote the conservation, restoration, and preservation of Colorado’s riparian areas and wetlands. CRA was formed over 20 years ago by a small group of dreamers who believed that our riparian zones should not become sacrifice areas. We continue to uphold that dream by sharing knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience to further the science related to Colorado’s riparian ecosystems. We welcome your ideas and participation to help make 2009 one of the best years yet.

Colorado Riparian Association