by Jackie Blumberg, Walsh Environmental

Lately, I’ve been thinking about skiing. I consider the mountain snowpack…. I ponder how snow that is shushed beneath skis in the Brainard Lake area eventually makes its way to the St Vrain River via a journey through the watershed (or catchment? You decide after perusing the Riparian Notes in this issue).
My thoughts turn to summertime. The current lack of snow in the lowlands that has made my daily commute so easy may give way to a dry summer, possibly a landscape prone to fire. Fire promotes increased sedimentation; sediment loading affects fish habitat…and so on. There are so many factors that affect our watersheds it can be quite overwhelming to reflect on! Also, what works for one system may not for another, as illustrated by the piece Not Wanted in Arizona. Luckily, a good number of watershed folks gathered under one roof last autumn to share their knowledge. This edition of the greenline covers the 2008 Sustaining Colorado Watersheds conference, where speakers presented on the myriad topics surrounding our river systems and riparian areas.
We hope you enjoy this issue. As always, the greenline staff welcomes articles and suggestions from their readers.
Now about that skiing….

Colorado Riparian Association