by Barb Horn, Colorado Division of Wildlife

It seems like such a short time ago that the Monitoring Council was awarded the non-point source grant to implement the vision of a state-wide data sharing network, and now our first three year grant period has come to an end. All Project Work Plan tasks were completed thanks to funding by the Water Quality Control Division, hard work of the Project Coordinator, and contributions of many dedicated volunteers. It is a time to celebrate! The results birthed a true statewide Council, interactive map directory and database. In addition, we have a mechanism to exchange or swap future monitoring needs, concerns and collaborate on the ground monitoring activities. To upload or download data to either the interactive map or database visit Tutorials and other Council or DSN information can be found our website www. The Council is still able to assist entities on an individual basis as well. Contact Barb Horn for further information The next basin SWAPS will be the Colorado Basin Fall 2009, San Juan and Gunnison Spring 2010, South Platte Fall 2010 and Arkansas Rio Grande Basins Spring 2011.
Now is also the time to “support, populate and maintain” what we have collectively have built. We succeeded thus far because of the assistance of our partners who have provided their portion of data, information, time and resources. We need your data for the map or database, in-kind and cash support. In that vein the State Non-Point Source Program has approved a 3-grant addendum of $24,000 for the next three years. The state will also provide $20,000 in a separate grant to enhancement functions of the interactive map directory. Our goal is to institutionalize all entities’ contributions of data, information and resources to fully support all components of DSN.
Leadership is key for future success and thus the Monitoring Council was reengineered in 2007. The Council has a Charter which directs all resources to efficiently address the needs of the monitoring community and keep the DSN relevant and operating. Charter structure includes a representative Leadership Team who provides oversight, accountability and direction for the Monitoring Council and DSN. They meet six times per year to develop and adopt an annual work plan and budget. Three subcommittees support the Council/DSN. They include the Outreach, Mentoring and a DSN Technical Advisory. We have hired our new part-time coordinator, Lynne Padget and thank Sarah Sauter for all her excellent work.
Please consider how you can contribute and keep this truly collaborative and valuable Data Sharing Network moving forward. Your participation, feedback and support are all essential!

Colorado Riparian Association