Jackie Blumberg and the green line staff

Lately, I’ve been scratching my head, trying to arrive at a unifying theme for this issue of the green line and have been hard pressed to do so. It finally dawned on me, the articles are so diverse and yet the common thread is apparent – consciousness. Climate change, endangered fish species, grey water irrigation, and riparian connectivity all involve an environmentally thoughtful and comprehensive approach. I hope you find these articles as engaging as I do. This issue also takes the first step in a new direction for the green line: we are publishing our first opinion-editorial (“op-ed”) on current high-profile water topics. In this issue, engineer Daria Giron discusses the benefits of reclaimed water irrigation. Look for more hot-topic op-eds by Colorado water professionals in our coming issues.
Thinking of consciousness, consider also the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds conference coming up on October 7-9 in Vail. Following the theme of Thriving in Challenging Times, the annual conference is guaranteed to again be packed with thought provoking lectures and workshops. So, from the green line staff to our readers: be mindful, be green and enjoy!

Colorado Riparian Association