by Randy Mandel

Dear CRA Members:
Thank you for entrusting me with the Presidency for our group. As I enter my third term as President and my 18th year with the Colorado Riparian Association, I could not be more optimistic. Our 2009 Colorado Watershed Conference was a great success with over 177 people in attendance and wonderful participation by numerous agencies, individuals, and organizations. There is renewed interest on the part of all of the participating conference members, including CRA. And, most importantly, there is a increased opportunity for partnerships. In these uncertain economic times the one thing that we can all count on is our professional acquaintances and alliances. Never before have our associations with both people and groups held more professional importance. It is all about trusted relationships and professional interactions with competent groups of our peers. In its twenty year history, CRA has served as a beacon of non-partisan support for riparian issues. Now more than ever, we need to lead the way with education and participation in the numerous wetland and riparian issues that typify the Colorado ecological landscape. I laud you, my friends and my counterparts, for helping to lead the way into the future. Thanks again and all the very best,
Randy Mandel
CRA President, 2009 – 2010

Colorado Riparian Association