Jackie Blumberg and the green line staff

Hello to all of our greenline readers. Here we are, somehow already at the start of another busy year. Looking back, we extend our thanks to all of the 2009 greenline contributors, Colorado Watersheds Conference participants, and Colorado Riparian Association members. Looking forward, we wish you all a wonderful new year full of successful riparian and water projects! If you need inspiration for 2010, look no farther than the articles in this edition of the greenline. On topics of watershed improvement, Vincent Sortman describes regenerative stream restoration, Matthew Skarie brings us the story of restoration on Kerber Creek, and George Patten describes water quality modeling for the South Platte River and two nutrient-enriched lakes north of Denver. Regarding local and regional news, Tracy Emmanuel summarizes yet another great Colorado Watersheds Conference, Amy Beatie clarifies Water Trusts in the Western U.S., and Jim Pokrandt describes an environmental program launched to recover endangered fish in the Colorado River. As always, our regular contributor Alan Carpenter brings us summaries of recent research and legal developments.
Don’t forget – we want to hear from you! Make a New Year’s resolution to contribute an article on your interesting projects and research. Contribution contact information is included on the last page of the newsletter.

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