Blair Hurst and the green line staff

Greetings CRA members and all green line readers. As the days grow longer and the first brave flower buds push their way out of the ground in spite of late season snow storms, we can see that spring is on the way, bringing another season of growth, opportunity and renewal. Accordingly, our spring time issue of the green line parallels the themes of opportunity and renewal, with articles on restoring off-highway vehicle impacts in Carnage Canyon, and reviving Westerly Creek and its greenway in a highly urban environment. The unique histories and land use legacies, as well as approaches to enhancements in each of these areas, are described by the authors. Opportunity for growth through knowledge is provided by the Nationwide Stream Restoration Practitioner Survey as described by Julie Ash. Conducted by the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, the survey will provide the opportunity for increased understanding of the current and future state of stream restoration education and professional development. The article by the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory demonstrates opportunities for conservation within playa wetlands in eastern Colorado. We hope that you enjoy these articles, and find similar opportunity and renewal in your riparian projects this spring.
On the theme of renewal, please be sure to check the address label on the back cover for your membership expiration date and renew if necessary. Thank you and Happy Spring to you all!

Colorado Riparian Association