Blair Hurst & the green line staff

Looking back, and looking ahead; looking up, and looking down. The New Year in our riparian areas offers us the opportunity to find perspective, guidance and stimulation. This latest issue of the green line takes a look back at events from 2010, including the annual Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference and other riparian projects and trainings by Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and the Tamarisk Coalition. We also look ahead to important events in 2011 that will present excellent forums for education and involvement in our riparian areas and their larger watersheds. Meeting and training dates for events hosted by the Colorado Foundation for Water Education, the Colorado Geomorphology Organization, and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers are provided in this issue.Winter may seem like a quiet time in our riparian areas, but Scott Severs demonstrates that there is still plenty activity if you just look up. The avian community is busy searching out food, avoiding predators and preparing for their next brood. Similarly, there is still much action to be observed by looking down. Looking down in to our creeks and streams, we see recently improved methods to design culverts for fish passage, as described by Roger Kilgore. We also see how fish are affected by selenium and mercury, and learn about current monitoring efforts from Dell Nimmo and the Aquatic Research Center.
As always, we invite you to share what you see when looking back, ahead, up or down through the lens of our riparian areas. Please do have a look back onto the last page of the newsletter to check your membership expiration date, and renew if necessary. Contact us at with your newsletter submissions and ideas.

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