Jackie Blumberg & the green line staff
Spring has finally sprung and summer is just around the corner! We the green line staff are pleased to offer our spring/ summer newsletter, and big themes abound. Big water is filling our local river corridors and as always in the west, big water issues and holistic ideas are at the forefront. This issue of the green line reminds us to think big.
It is amazing how a minor rainstorm, coupled with paved and impermeable surfaces, can lead to sizable runoff and flooding. Lucas Babbit touches on the effects of increased development on low, channel forming flow in his article on watershed planning for Cottonwood Creek. Equally interesting is how tiny macro.invertebrates provide scientists with the big picture on river health, as discussed by Scott Miller. Large themes come into play in Carolyn Browning’s article on local watershed planning for the Arkansas Recreational Area considering global climate change.
I would like to remind green line readers of the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference, October 4-6 in Avon, themed “The First Drop Lands Here”. If you have been keeping an eye on our local rivers, it is easy to see how each small drop can add up to big water. Equally, seemingly minor ideas and interactions can lead to big change in a positive direction, and the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference is the ideal venue for big synergy.
As always, we here at the green line would love to hear from you. Please submit comments, articles and questions to info@coloradoriparian.org.

Colorado Riparian Association