by Gilbert Barth

Since the last issue of green line the CRA board has been quite busy in anticipation of the upcoming Sustaining Colorado’s Watersheds conference, and working to build on recent momentum. New board members have brought energy to our meetings, reigniting enthusiasm of longer-term board members. The board is working to improve communications with the membership, expand membership, revitalize our outreach programs, and continue a strong tradition of providing an annual conference with many opportunities to learn and exchange ideas about riparian systems in Colorado’s watersheds.
I believe that one of the board’s greatest challenges will be reigniting and expanding the CRA membership. Increasing our membership from its current levels will provide us with a more productive membership base. I believe that recruiting 100 new members will put us at a level more conducive to exchanging ideas, fostering interaction, and providing opportunities for our ideas and experiences to support each of us as we face challenges advocating for, protecting, and restoring our riparian communities. The board is pursuing a number of tracks to work towards this goal. Examples of the board’s recent efforts to improve communication and reach a more efficient level of membership include potentially converting the green line to an electronic format, providing ordering/membership-dues options on the website, refining our website’s question-and-answer portion and reviving and expanding education and outreach efforts. I want to encourage you to take advantage of these improvements. As members, you can also play a significant role in expanding our base. Contact us with your riparian system issues or questions. As we continue to improve our website over the next year, contact us if you see opportunities for us to improve the website or other CRA functions. The board is composed entirely of dedicated volunteers who want to facilitate the exchange of riparian-system information. Finally, mention us to others facing riparian issues and questions. Expanding CRA membership will improve the resource pool available to all members, and will improve our ability to facilitate the exchange of riparian system information.
I look forward to seeing you October 4th – 6th in Avon for the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds conference.
Best regards,

Colorado Riparian Association