Apr 21, 2015

Welcome to our new CRA blog!  Just as our riparian areas are ready for transition into great vibrancy, the CRA website is undergoing an exciting change that will bring new energy and capabilities to our traditional Greenline newsletter.

Our new blog will be updated monthly, and will share exciting news and information pertinent to our watersheds and riparian areas. We look forward to providing technical content such as the latest information from the Colorado Water Conservation Board, revegetation in restoration projects – including challenges and lessons learned, the importance of long-term monitoring, critical functions of riparian areas in urban environments, current journal articles, and details on the Stream Restoration Body of Knowledge.

The blog will also be an avenue to announce conferences, webinars, and meetings such as the Colorado Stream Restoration Network and Sustaining Colorado Watersheds conference, as well as volunteer opportunities and information on job postings we have been asked to share.

Additionally, we are exploring incorporating a discussion forum into the blog as a place where members can share knowledge, exchange thoughts, and keep up to date on the latest riparian happenings. Please be in touch with any topics you would like to see featured!

We are very excited to bring our Greenline newsletter up to date, and to make it a valuable resource for our members.
With best wishes for a vibrant spring,

CRA President


Colorado Riparian Association