Is it a Riparian Corridor – or a Floodplain?

by Julie Ash, Walsh Environmental & CRA Board Member Volume 22, Number 3, Fall 2011 The answer is...YES! The term "riparian floodplain" (a nice blend) is not new, by any means, but it doesn't seem to currently hold mainstream status or enjoy everyday use among...

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Message from the President – Fall 2011

by Gilbert Barth, S.S. Papadopulos Volume 22, Number 3, Fall 2011 It is that time of year. The air is getting cooler, weather patterns are shifting, river flows keep dropping, and the Sustaining Colorado Watershed's conference is just around the corner (October 4 -...

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Research Summaries

Compiled by Alan Carpenter Brooks, K. Fryirs, M. Leishman, M. Sanders, A. Arthington, R. Creese, M. Dahm, C. Miller, B. Pusey, and A. Spink.2010. Inside the "black box" of river restoration: using catchment history to identify disturbance and response mechanisms to...

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